Parmenstam Goes All-in Impact

    Stockholm (NordSIP) – After having built up a well-diversified portfolio of experiences within the asset management industry, Karin Parmenstam (pictured) has now decided to take on the position as Chief Investment Officer at Swedfund where she will work with sustainable investments full-time. When NordSIP reached out to her she enthusiastically talked about her new position and how much she looks forward to “being part of and contribute to Swedfund’s important mission, working with investments that make real impact”.

    Swedfund is the Development Finance Institution of the Swedish state with a mission to combat poverty by investing in and develop sustainable business in the world’s most challenging markets. As the CIO Parmenstam will have a somewhat different focus than the average CIO. For Swedfund financial goals do not come first. Instead, she says, her role will be to “head and develop Swedfund’s investment organization to ensure delivery on the mission, which is to fight poverty by sustainable investments”. Investments are made directly or in funds, mostly in far-away developing countries in order to help develop sustainable companies with inclusive economic growth as well as positive development regarding social and environmental aspects.

    “Swedfund makes investments that are creating jobs, boost inclusive growth, strengthen women’s economic empowerment and fight climate change. Impact on society, sustainability as well as economic aspects guide all investment decisions with the goal to improve peoples’ living conditions and contribute to the growth of a sustainable private sector. Swedfund is a pioneer in this field with a 40-year investment experience, Parmenstam explains”.

    She has for many years been focusing on developing markets and sustainable investments and is very much looking forward to joining an organisation where this is core business. Right now, she says, is also a very interesting time for Swedfund as “last year’s virus outbreak has impacted people’s lives and living conditions in many ways. Frontier markets are impacted the most. We are experiencing a crisis situation where the medium- and long- term consequences are unknown. Climate change and resource constraints will drive changed behaviours. Continued and increased cooperation on a broad level is needed to achieve the goals set out in Agenda 2030 and the Paris agreement on climate action. The work Swedfund and other Development Finance Institutions are doing is perhaps more crucial than ever.”

    Parmenstam has worked as financial analyst as well as portfolio manager, business developer and with sales in firms such as Nordea, HSBC and Intervalor and she believes her experience form working in an international environment as well as her interest in people will serve as a good foundation for the role that she is about to take on. “Having worked with successful fund managers I hope to bring perspective and ideas to create good results. With a broad background in finance I hope to connect the dots from previous work experiences.”


    Picture courtesy of Karin Parmenstam

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