According to the U.S. military, the ‘D’ in D-day doesn’t stand for anything, as we reflect on in our weekly column, The Snap… but in the new acronym, that has now joined the ranks of the well known sustainability-related jargon, SFDR, ‘D’ stands for Disclosure. This week, we reached out to Nordic managers, among which Handelsbanken, Nordea and Storebrand SPP for comments on the level of their own disclosure as of the publication deadline. To be continued…

Also on SFDR-day, Nordea announced that 140 of its funds are tightening their requirements on fossil-fuel companies. The funds now only invest in companies that are on a green transition path.

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Meanwhile, the IIGCC, an organisation that includes Nordic pensions AP2PKA and PensionDanmark, among several other asset owners worldwide, launched the ‘Net Zero Investment Framework’. We noticed the PKA is looking for a new ESG Manager.

In Stockholm, we caught up with Ylva Schullström who recently joined COIN Investment Consulting Group. “Having been active in finance for over 20 years, it is liberating to be able to meet capital owners and offer completely independent advice at COIN Investment Consulting Group,” she told us.

Earlier this week, Northern Trust Asset Management launched two new climate-focused ETFs. We also noted the success of Finnsih-headquartered Citycon’s inaugural Euro-denominated green bond.

Last but not least, we are very excited to announce that NordSIP has partnered with Global Fund Search, the leading search platform for institutional asset owners, to help spread relevant news and analysis regarding the developments of ESG and sustainable investments, as well as impact investing in the Nordics and beyond.


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