Vestad To Advise on Emissions Mitigation


Stockholm (NordSIP) – ClimatePoint announced the appointment of Balder Vestad to its Advisory Board. Vestad is the Head of Nordics at responsibility and leads the company’s business development activities in the region. 

“I’ll be joining ClimatePoint’s advisory board also representing responsAbility as a company on that board,” Vestad tells nordsip. “responsAbility has invested in the climate space for 12 years, and we root for every new actor unleashing more investments into the sustainable investing space.”

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Founded in 2019, ClimatePoint offers next-generation climate compensation. The company has also set up its Green River fund as a mechanism to help achieve the Paris Agreement targets. “What I like especially about ClimatePoint is their focus on not only ‘buying CO2 compensation’ through quotas, which is important, but taking it one step further and investing in companies that are building solutions to reduce emissions,” Vestad adds.

responsAbility Investments is a Zurich-based asset manager specialising in impact and development investments, with US$3.3 billion in assets under management, and a staff of 240 in 10 offices around the globe. responsAbility Investments invests via private debt and private equity in more than 500 non-listed companies in 90 emerging and developing countries and across the financials, agri-food and renewable energy sectors.

“There are a lot of options for investors and companies wanting to go green, and more are added every day. It’s important to be able to stand out from the crowd and show why your solution is better both for the investor/company and for society,” Vestad says, discussing the challenges facing ClimatePoint. “I think ClimatePoint are going about it in the right way, building an organisation of diverse, experienced people and focussing on tangible, measurable climate effects, hopefully giving climate bang for your buck to investor and society.”

In his advisory role, Vestad will be able to leverage responsAbility’s long and broad experience in investing in companies for measurable CO2 impact. “We hope to contribute both with technical expertise on CO2 emissions mitigation, as well as with ideas and analysis on which sectors and companies would bring the biggest effect for the clients investing through ClimatePoint,” he adds.

image by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash and courtesy of responsAbility

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The coronavirus epidemic has further accelerated the rise of ESG into the investment mainstream. As deficits skyrocket, bond investors have an opportunity to engage with governments on climate change, argues Thomas Dillon, Senior Macro ESG Analyst at Aviva Investors.

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