The World is Not Enough (BNY Mellon)

Current levels of global consumption are putting the world on a collision course with calamity. With change already afoot, how might investors respond? Newton’s Future Earth investment team make the case for a new approach.

In May 2021 the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made headlines when, for the first time in its history, it acknowledged a link between human activity and climate change. This was a significant step given the US’s status as the world’s second largest emitter of CO2 after China and given previous efforts to dial down climate change awareness during the presidency of Donald Trump – but it also demonstrates how rising global understanding of the need for environmental stewardship is feeding its way into the wider policy framework.


In addition, it highlights how the theme of environmental protection can radically rearrange the outlook for returns. Shortly ahead of the EPA’s announcement, US president Joe Biden set out his Green New Deal – a US$2 trillion investment programme which aims to support the transition to electric vehicles and to virtually eliminate the role of fossil fuels in the power grid.

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