NordSIP Insights – ESG Integration Case Book 2021

    As we get back into a semblance of new normal, post pandemic-related restrictions, it looks like the war against greenwashing has finally gone mainstream. Until now, the green whistleblowers were mostly the activist type or the SRI pioneers. Those were practically the only ones who had a legitimate claim on the vigilante stripes.

    Now it feels different. Everyone who has had a chance to take a closer look at ESG strategies knows that there are different shades available out there.  There is no need to lie to qualify as a greenwasher. You merely need to make some vague (but strong) statements about the world we live in. Without any commitment, defined system or integration in the investment process, however, these statements are just that. Words without consequences.

    The purpose of NordSIP, from the start, has been to show and explain what sustainable investing means to different actors in the market. This is also why we have put together this ESG Integration Case Book. Explaining through cases what ESG integration represents for portfolio managers and asset management firms truly helps investors make up their minds about the authenticity of the protagonists.

    In this issue, the cases span across investment styles and asset classes. We find out how stewardship makes a difference to a quantitative manager and we look at the constructions of a carbon efficient ETF. We dive into investment cases with Schneider Electric and SolarEdge, as well as the intricacies of three different sector themes: electrification in public equities, renewable energy infrastructure and fintech in the context of microfinance. We also learn how the US is catching up on sustainable investing. The University of Helsinki tells us how they invest in local entrepreneurs, thereby connecting their investment objectives with their own educational and research capabilities. Finally, our collection wouldn’t be complete without the interview of a sustainability-focused fund selector, talking about the hunt for authentic managers.

    In ESG integration, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. But there is definitely ‘authentic’ and ‘bluff’. Asking questions and seeking proof is what enables the astute sustainable investor to tell the two apart. 

    Tired of flipping the book? Access individual articles or download the pdf here!

    1. the editor’s word: the case for authenticity
    2. Tuning into Active Engagement in 2021, by Julie Moret, Northern Trust Asset Management
    3. Changing the Landscape of Sustainable Investing, Again, an interview of Chip Montgomery and Casey Clark, Rockefeller Asset Management
    4. Clean Energy Infrastructure, by Barney Coles, Capital Dynamics
    5. Electrification & HVAC, an interview with Francesco Conte and Sara Bellenda,  JP Morgan Asset Management
    6. Schneider Electric and the Power of Strategic Vision, an interview with Yolanda Courtines, Wellington Management
    7. Solar Incentives, Sustainable Solutions Driving Strong Financial Returns, an interview with Paul Schofield and Oskar Tijs, NN Investment Partners
    8. Manager Selection – Finding Authentic and Credible External ESG Managers, an interview with Anders Bertramsen, Nordea Asset Management
    9. Building a Carbon Efficient Sustainable ETF by Willem Keogh and Davide Guberti, UBS Asset Management
    10. Fintech, Investing in Sustainable Microfinance, an interview with Tim Crijns, Triodos Investment Management
    11. Local Impact, an interview with Anders Ekholm, Helsinki University


    Tired of flipping the book? Access individual articles or download the pdf here!