The Investment Case for Sustainable Food

    by Rahul Bhushan, co-founder at Rize ETF

    Europe’s first Sustainable Food ETF

    The security of our food system is one of the world’s most pressing challenges. With dwindling natural resources, the challenge of providing healthy, affordable and nutritious food to a growing global population – all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and environmental harm – is intensifying. The food industry has started to respond, expanding plant-based protein options and increasing sustainability of farming and aquaculture, and improving supply-chains and packaging.

    Consumers too, have become more concerned about food safety and the provenance of what they eat. The global food system now requires urgent transformation if we want to avoid the sorts of planetary damage that awaits if we do nothing – loss of biodiversity, freshwater depletion, pollution of our rivers and oceans and enduring damage to our soils. The good news is that system-wide and holistic change comes with new opportunities.

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    Image by Picjumbo on Pixabay 

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