A Nuclear Start

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    New year = new resolutions… usually followed by broad acclaim and words of encouragement. Not in the case of the taxonomy, where the ‘resolution’ the EU went for just before the twelve strokes of midnight re-sparked the debate on the ‘greeneness’ of nuclear energy. Given the likely hotness of the topic, we just launched a short series of reference articles to help frame the issues surrounding nuclear power. What is wrong with it? What isn’t wrong with it? And what innovations could change the game? The serie’s introduction and the first instalment are available this week and will be followed by two more.

    Other than that, looking forward to a bright new beginning, we have asked the Nordic FSAs (Finansinspektionen in Sweden, Finanstilsynet in Denmark and Finanssivalvonta in Finland), to tell us what their expectations are for 2022 and how they intend to fight greenwashing.

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    Starting the year with another good resolution, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced a new tax on CO2 emissions and a roadmap to ensure green aviation became a reality within Denmark by 2030.

    Other early birds this year include Finnish-headquartered Evli which appointed a new Head of Sustainability and S&P Global acquired North Carolina-based data and analysis provider The Climate Service to offer ‘more transparent, robust and comprehensive climate data, models and analytics’.


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