ESG: Forks in the road

    by Paul LaCoursiere CFA, Global Head of ESG Investments – Janus Henderson Investors

    Paul LaCoursiere, Global Head of ESG Investments, explores four themes for 2022 that he considers pivotal to the direction of travel for environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing.


    • ESG investing continues to gather momentum and we are hugely supportive. We believe open and meaningful debate on the opportunities and the limitations is key to realising potential.
    • Challenges for the financial industry and investors include relying on corporate governance and capital markets to enforce intended change – key questions remain on how boardrooms strike the right balance.
    • For investors to identify and invest in products that align with their values and objectives, we believe that global coordination of regulation and product labelling is a critical next step

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    Image courtesy of Janus Henderson

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