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    Stockholm (NordSIP) – As NordSIP turned five in February this year, Big Green Tree Media is proud to announce the onboarding of a fifth key team member. Richard Tyszkiewicz (pictured) who joined on 1 February 2022 as Senior Research Director will allow NordSIP to continue to grow its coverage, network and reach, as well as reinforce existing partnerships and enable new ones.

    Having spent the past 30 years in the international investment industry, Tyszkiewicz spent the latter half of his career working closely with major Nordic investors on consultancy projects, focusing on the evaluation of external asset managers. With a client base that was often ahead of the sustainability curve, Richard built up a strong practical understanding of and interest in the challenges faced by institutional investors seeking to integrate ESG into their portfolios. Richard has an MA degree in Management and Spanish from St Andrews University, as well as sustainability qualifications from Cambridge University, PRI and the CFA Institute.

    During the pandemic, Tyszkiewicz worked at Lombard Odier Investment Managers in London, where he spent a few months helping them reformulate their sustainability focused marketing narrative for the institutional market. “At this stage in my career, I felt it was a good time to step out of a role in the asset management industry to get a more independent view of what sustainable investment really means,” Tyszkiewicz says. “I first met with NordSIP when working for bfinance and had the opportunity to contribute as a guest writer. While working as an independent consultant, I found the opportunity to join the team and it appealed to me. I enjoy being able to cast a critical eye on a number of actors in the asset management space simultaneously and to hold them accountable by publishing fact-based and independent articles.”

    “With his background and his past experience working with institutional investors in the Nordic region, Richard is a great addition to our team. His quest for authenticity in sustainable investments also fits perfectly with our editorial line, which relies on providing more reliable fact-based and hands-on insights into asset managers’ practice. The best way to avoid green washing is to explain how things really are and dig down into the details. At the end of the day, sustainability is in the eyes of the beholder and investors are entitled to forging their own opinions, which will always differ depending on their individual perspectives and which constituents they represent. They need to be able to rely on information that goes beyond generalised statements and pictures of sprouting coins which still make up a large portion of the managers’ sustainability reports. That is what are are here to provide,” says NordSIP’s Editor, Aline Reichenberg Gustafsson, CFA.

    “With the help of our two interns who chose to contribute to the platform’s expansion in parallel with their studies at Stockholm University, Gülce Demirer and Angelo Bello, Richard will drive the coverage of this year’s hot topic: Biodiversity. In a similar set up as the recent series of articles on nuclear energy, NordSIP will shortly launch a “Simply Said” series on the subject, spanning the ‘why’, the ‘how’ and the ‘who’ in this space. And stay tuned for a the special edition of NordSIP Insights Handbook Series coming out mid June,” Gustafsson adds.

    In addition to publishing NordSIP and fulfilling the responsibilities of Sweden’s Sustainable Investment Forum (Swesif)’s executive office, Big Green Tree Media has recently also onboarded the CFA Society Sweden for a similar role. The collaboration with Sustainable Investment Training Associates (SITA) which started in 2020 with author Willem Schramade and SRI-Connect founder Mike Tyrrell also continues to grow with bespoke training being delivered virtually to the Saudi Stock Exchange and to the Middle East Investor Relations Association (MEIRA) in Dubai and two premium courses taking place in April and May (available for sign up now): one dedicated to sustainability specialists who need to understand financial analysis and one dedicated to financial analysts who need to integrate sustainability.


    Aline Reichenberg Gustafsson, CFA
    Aline Reichenberg Gustafsson, CFA
    Aline Reichenberg Gustafsson, CFA is Editor-in-Chief for NordSIP and Managing Director for Big Green Tree Media. She has 18 years of experience in the asset management industry in Stockholm, London and Geneva, including as a long/short equity hedge fund portfolio manager, and buy-side analyst, but also as CFO and COO in several asset management firms. Aline holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a License in Economic Sciences from the University of Geneva.

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