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    Stockholm (NordSIP) –  On May 4, 2022, the Board of Polhem Infra appointed Karin Karlström (Pictured) as the new CEO of the Swedish sustainable infrastructure investment company set up by the AP funds in 2019. Karlström has been acting CEO since November 2021. Prior to becoming acting CEO of Polhem Infra, Karlström was a board member of Polhem Infra during the period February to November 2021.

    “I joined as board member of Polhem Infra in February 2021. I have been acting CEO since November last year, following the previous CEO’s decision to leave, and took on the role as permanent CEO in May. Polhem Infra has an important role in the transformation of our society and I really look forward to lead and develop Polhem Infra’s business further,” Karlström told NordSIP on this occasion.

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    Throughout her career, she developed expertise in the tech and telecom sector through a professional journey that has seen her work at Carnegie and Telia.

    “Sustainable investments has been an important theme also in my previous positions. However, since my background is mainly in telecoms and tech, it is exciting to get a deeper knowledge about the energy sector and its transition,” she adds. Looking ahead at the dominating trend in sustainable investments, Karlström’s tech expertise should serve her well. “Digitalization, electrification, and sustainable transports will all be required going forward. We are targeting investment opportunities in all these areas,” she explains

    However, beyond these opportunities, Karlström recognises that growing Polhem Infra is not without its challenges. “One big challenge is to find the right competence as we grow the team. Infrastructure investments is a very competitive area, not least in the Nordics,” she explains. Fortunately, Polhem Infra appears still immune to more systemic geopolitical risks. “We obviously see the effects on a global level. However, the impact on our current and contemplated investments in the energy sector has been limited so far,” Karlström concludes regarding the effect of Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.

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