Carbon-focused timberland investment is poised for significant growth

    Eric Cooperström, Managing Director, Impact Investing and Natural Climate Solutions
    Keith A. Balter, Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives, Timberland and Agriculture
    Hannah Barkan, Manager, Impact Investing and Natural Climate Solutions
    Manulife Investment Management

    The rapid development of markets for trading carbon offset credits and opportunities for carbon insetting generated by forestry projects have expanded management options for operating timberlands, providing investors new paradigms for realizing a range of financial, carbon, and ESG goals.

    Global climate change is broadly recognized as one of the defining economic, social, and environmental risk factors of this century, and efforts to halt the further buildup of GHG emissions in the atmosphere are triggering an increasing number of public policy initiatives and corporate commitments to prioritize emissions abatement, promote carbon removals, and facilitate a transition to a net zero emissions world.

    The ability of trees to naturally capture CO2 from the atmosphere and provide long-term storage in secure carbon sinks has moved forestry into the forefront of climate change mitigation strategies and simultaneously opened new timberland investment opportunities.

    Manulife Investment Management is drawing on our deep experience in timberland investment to develop natural climate solutions strategies that seek to deliver high-quality, high-integrity carbon benefits to investors and the environment while at the same time generating competitive financial returns.

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    Image courtesy of Manulife Investment Management

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