Jupiter’s ESG Commitment Attracts New Head of Nordics

    Stockholm (NordSIP) – UK-based Jupiter Asset Management already has an established reputation in the Nordics for taking sustainability seriously. The asset manager was the first ever to offer dedicated funds investing in companies seeking to provide environmental solutions in the UK some thirty years ago. Building on this tradition, the firm’s ESG ambitions have only grown since.

    “Jupiter’s approach to sustainability was actually one of the main reasons I decided to join the firm,” shares Helena Nieckels (pictured), the asset manager’s newly appointed Head of Nordics. “I am also excited to start working with a great Nordic sales team in Stockholm and look forward to developing further Jupiter’s Nordic business,” she adds.

    Nieckels is taking over from Magnus Jahnke, who recently announced that he would be moving on to become Head of Nordics for GAM Investments. She has a solid experience in the financial industry gained during her years working for both global asset managers such as Allianz Global Investors and Swedish actors like Erik Penser, House of Reach, and Avanza with sales, business development and client service.

    “Looking back just over the last ten years of my carrier, I believe every asset manager has been actively working to improve the ESG integration in their investment process. Today, the reality for asset managers in the Nordic region is that if you can’t deliver a sustainable and ESG-aligned product range, you will have a hard time succeeding,” she says.

    For someone who just joined the company, Nieckels sounds already well-versed in Jupiter’s offering. “Our long-established expertise in sustainable investments remains a key driver of the value we provide our investors,” she explains. “To meet our clients’ different needs, we have evolved our product suite and restructured our sustainable investing solutions into two distinct channels – Sustainable Investing and Environmental Solutions.”

    Fully integrating an assessment of sustainability risks into investment decision-making is a fundamental criterion that all Jupiter’s funds must meet. A point in case is the way ESG data is handled. “All ESG risk data scores are tools integrated into our investment processes to flag material issues and opportunities to inform buy, sell and hold decisions based on client outcomes,” explains Nieckels.

    Jupiter is committed to playing a part in enabling the transition to net zero. In 2021, the asset manager signed the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative, committing to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 across the full range of investments and operations. This reflects the urgent need to limit global warming to 1.5°C or lower, in line with the Paris Agreement. “Our focus is contributing to a better future for our clients and the planet,” says Nieckels. “As high-conviction, active managers, we act as responsible stewards of our investors’ money. We look to invest in well-managed companies with sustainable business models and engage actively with our investee companies across all asset classes, to drive positive change and sustainable business practices,” she adds.

    Another feature that Nieckels is especially proud of is Jupiter’s differentiated approach to engagement. “At Jupiter, the fund manager who originally made the decision to hold an asset is the one to lead the engagement activity directly,” she says. “This results in engagement that is consistent, ongoing and fully integrated with the investment process.”

    Nieckels believes that the collaboration in active engagement among the larger financial institutions that put pressure and speed up the company’s ESG integration will eventually lead to a positive change. “I’m happy Jupiter’s engagement aims at a more sustainable world. Moreover, the firm’s long-established expertise in sustainable investments makes my working life easier as the investment process provides a more competitive product range due to its focus on sustainability,” concludes Nieckels.

    Julia Axelsson, CAIA
    Julia Axelsson, CAIA
    Julia has accumulated experience in asset management for more than 20 years in Stockholm and Beijing, in portfolio management, asset allocation, fund selection and risk management. In December 2020, she completed a program in Sustainability Studies at the University of Linköping. Julia speaks Mandarin, Bulgarian, Hindi, Russian, Swedish, Urdu and English. She holds a Master in Indology from Sofia University and has completed studies in Economics at both Stockholm University and Stockholm School of Economics.

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