Manulife Global Climate Strategy

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    Name Global Climate Strategy
    Asset class Equities
    Geography Global
    Theme/sub-class Climate leaders
    Fund profile N/A
    Hållbarhetsprofilen N/A
    Morningstar N/A
    Structure N/A
    ISIN N/A
    Availability Institutional
    Manager Managed by lead portfolio manager Patrick Blais, CFA, FSA, Senior Portfolio Manager, Fundamental Equity Team


    International norm violations
    Fossil fuel (all)
    Thermal coal
    Anti-personnel landmines & Cluster munitions
    Weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, biological & chemical)
    Weapons (all)


    Investment Considerations
    A widespread health crisis such as a global pandemic could cause substantial market volatility, exchange-trading suspensions and closures, and affect portfolio performance. For example, the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has resulted in significant disruptions to global business activity. The impact of a health crisis and other epidemics and pandemics that may arise in the future, could affect the global economy in ways that cannot necessarily be foreseen at the present time. A health crisis may exacerbate other pre-existing political, social and economic risks. Any such impact could adversely affect the portfolio’s performance, resulting in losses to your investment.

    Any performance information shown is the investment strategy composite gross of fees, including advisory and investment management fees and other expenses an investor would incur, but net of transaction costs, unless otherwise noted; deduction of such expenses would reduce returns. Net performance results reflect the application of the highest incremental rate of the standard investment advisory or management fee schedule to gross performance results, unless otherwise indicated. Changes in exchange rates may have an adverse effect. Actual fees may vary depending on, among other things, the applicable fee schedule, portfolio size and/or investment management agreement. For example, if $100,000 were invested and experienced a 10% annual return compounded monthly for 10 years, its ending value, without giving effect to the deduction of advisory or investment management fees, would be $270,704 with an annualized compounded return of 10.47%. If an advisory or investment management fee of 0.95% of the average market value of the account were deducted monthly for the 10-year period, the annualized compounded return would be 9.43% and the ending dollar value would be $246,355. Unless otherwise noted, returns greater than 1 year are annualized; calendar year returns for each one year period end in December. Discrepancies may occur due to rounding. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

    Performance information shown is generally for discretionary strategies/solutions and managed by a Manulife entity which is GIPS compliant and falls under the definition of a corresponding Manulife GIPS firm. Some investment strategies/solutions may not be included in a GIPS compliant firm under certain circumstances, such as SMA/UMA business in Canada.

    Any characteristics, guidelines, constraints, or other information provided for this material was selected by the firm as representative of the investment strategy and is provided for illustrative purpose only, may change at any time, and may differ for a specific account. Each client account is individually managed; actual holdings will vary for each client and there is no guarantee that a particular client’s account will have the same characteristics as described herein. Any information about the holdings, asset allocation, or sector diversification is historical and is not an indication of future performance or any future portfolio composition, which will vary. Portfolio holdings are representative of the strategy, are subject to change at any time, are not a recommendation to buy or sell a security, and do not represent all of the securities purchased, sold or recommended for the portfolio. It should not be assumed that an investment in these securities was or will be profitable. Top ten holdings information combines share listings from the same issuer, and related depositary receipts, into a singular holding to accurately present aggregate economic interest in the referenced company.

    No investment strategy or risk management technique can guarantee returns or eliminate risk in any market environment.

    Diversification or asset allocation does not guarantee a profit or protect against the risk of a loss in any market. The indices referenced herein are broad-based securities market indices and used for illustrative purposes only. The indices cited are widely accepted benchmarks for investment performance within their relevant regions, sectors or asset classes, and represent non-managed investment portfolios.

    If derivatives are employed, note that investing in derivative instruments involves risks different from, or possibly greater than, the risks associated with investing directly in securities and other traditional investments and, in a down market, could become harder to value or sell at a fair price.

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