Schroders Joins the Impact Principles

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    Stockholm (NordSIP) – Often relegated to the back of the queue in the world of sustainable finance, impact investing is now viewed as one of the key pillars of sustainable investing. This view is echoed in NordSIP’s 2022 Impact Investing Handbook as well as in Schroders’ Institutional Investor Study 2022 published earlier this year.

    To answer this growing interest, the asset manager has taken steps towards increasing its impact capacity. Schroders acquired BlueOrchard in 2019, which has more than 20 years of experience in the field and became a signatory to the Impact Principles at their launch in 2019. 

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    This week, Schroders announced it had become a signatory of The Operating Principles for Impact Management, a global impact investing framework with 164 members from 38 countries representing US$485 billion in asset under management (AUM).

    “Demand for impact investing has been growing steadily over the past decade among many of our clients. We are delighted to have become a signatory to the Impact Principles, which underline our commitment to establishing a rigorous approach to impact investing across the Schroders group,” says Andy Howard (Pictured), Global Head of Sustainable Investment at Schroders.

    This is Schroders’ latest step on its impact journey. In 2019, Schroders’ acquired BlueOrchard, Zurich-based impact investing asset manager, which is now a subsidiary. Schroders is also a member of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), which has been hosting the Impact Investor Forum this week. Maria Teresa Zappia, Deputy CEO of  BlueOrchard and Head of Sustainability and Impact at Schroders Capital, spoke as part of a session on using impact performance analytics for investment decision-making.

    “The Impact Principles are a best in class impact management framework and form a key part of our impact strategy. They are a set of overarching guiding principles for impact that are applicable across different asset classes, industries and institutions to standardise impact practices and mobilise capital into impact,” Maria Teresa Zappia, Deputy CEO, BlueOrchard and Head of Sustainability and Impact at Schroders Capital, commented on the occasion of this announcement.

    “They provide actionable guidance for investors that want to develop impact investing strategies on how sustainability and impact can be embedded throughout all stages of the investment process,” Zappia concluded.

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