Emerging Markets – Round Table Insights

    For many risk averse institutional asset owners, Emerging Markets (EM) investing can seem like a bit of a gamble at the best of times.  The attraction of high growth-driven returns can be overshadowed by the corresponding greater political risks and inconsistent access to key market information.  

    Once you add sustainability criteria into the mix, there can be a feeling that it might be best to cash in your remaining chips and take a taxi home. Nevertheless, with the right expertise in place, EM investing can be very rewarding, both from a returns standpoint and in terms of positive sustainability outcomes.

    With this in mind, we travelled to Copenhagen to gather the thoughts of three large Danish asset owners along with two specialist asset managers representing the equity and fixed income perspectives.

    How best to overcome the persistent ESG data gaps in developing countries?  Is it reasonable to apply the same sustainability criteria in EM as for developed markets? What skills are required to navigate through stormy geopolitical waters and effectively engage with companies in a multitude of different cultures?

    While the challenges remain and recent market conditions have created headwinds in EM investing, the overall tone of this latest NordSIP roundtable was one of cautious optimism. 

    If asset owners team up with partners offering the right level of skill and experience, it is possible to load the dice in your favour and achieve good long-term returns while supporting emerging economies as they move towards a more prosperous and sustainable future.

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