Walking the Talk of Diversity

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    Barcelona (NordSIP) – As investor conferences go, there is something highly unusual about the annual PRI in Person gathering. I’m not talking about the format, the venue, or the varying quality of the (mostly) high-level panel discussions. That is all as expected of an investment event, except perhaps for the vegan food and biodegradable utensils. No, what is remarkable about this particular forum is the gender balance.

    Glancing at the crowded auditorium, or at the stage for that matter, it is impossible to miss the impressive female presence. Which, as you know, is hardly the case at your average gathering of asset managers and asset owners. We all know of course that the field of sustainability has long been dominated by competent and confident women. Still, I have to complement the good people of PRI for their admirable efforts in upholding high D&I standards.

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    The sustainable investment community is often accused of not walking the talk. Well, in this respect, at least, I’m happy to see critics proven wrong. “This is perhaps the most diverse investment event I’ve ever attended,” commented one of the delegates, who happens to be an experienced conferencegoer.

    Julia Axelsson, CAIA
    Julia Axelsson, CAIA
    Julia has accumulated experience in asset management for more than 20 years in Stockholm and Beijing, in portfolio management, asset allocation, fund selection and risk management. In December 2020, she completed a program in Sustainability Studies at the University of Linköping. Julia speaks Mandarin, Bulgarian, Hindi, Russian, Swedish, Urdu and English. She holds a Master in Indology from Sofia University and has completed studies in Economics at both Stockholm University and Stockholm School of Economics.
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