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Net Zero Transition: A Historic Investment Opportunity

Sustainable investing tended to be associated with negatives like avoiding negative externalities by excluding certain stocks and sectors. However, this picture has changed and now focuses more on the positives. We are looking at the why and how of transition investing and asset owners that have committed to net zero goals should also find it relevant.

There is growing agreement that switching the global economy away from fossil fuels and unsustainable linear value chains is the only way to solve the climate crisis. In this video, we examine the best strategies for investors to effectively manage this low-carbon shift, both in terms of minimizing associated risks and identifying the vast number of new opportunities that it brings to the market.

In order to explore the subject and help lay the groundwork for investors to understand the topic and make sure they will end up on the right side of the transition equation, we brought together a panel of experts from Switzerland, London and Stockholm. We talked to Charlotte Månsson, Head of Sustainability at BlackRock in Stockholm; Fredrik Magni, Head of Client Coverage of Nordic Region and Netherlands at MSCI in London and Oliver Marchand, Managing Director and Global Head of ESG Research at Climate Risk Center at MSCI in Switzerland.