The ESG Blind Spot

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    It was to be expected. That when the situation got hairy, ESG would be to blame. As the story unfolded, we took an in-depth look at the ESG credentials of failed Silicon Valley Bank and what it meant for local Article 9 fund managers with comments from Eric Penser’s Jonas Thulin, CB Fonder‘s Marcus Grimfors and SEB duo Mirella Zetoun and Andreas Johansson. In the Snap, meanwhile, Julia casts a critical look at Alecta for getting blinded by the company’s stellar ESG credentials. No truly responsible investor can afford to be distracted by glossy headlines, neatly packaged ESG ratings and labels, she writes.

    We also continue to follow up on the last green scandal, the one about carbon credits as the heavily criticised standard setter Verra announces a methodology U-turn. And in the Laundromat, Richard unearths the dirt behind the collagen hype.

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    Also this week, the Swedish state pension funds AP1 to 4’s Council on Ethics unveiled their new Head. And Sweden ranks particularly well in abrdn‘s Global Macro ESG Index, an ESG ranking of 135 countries.

    Meanwhile, India, which ranks 132 according to abrdn’s Index, is predicted to take over China as the most populous country on the planet. In the wake of the recent Adani turmoil, NordSIP reached out to Triodos Investment Management to learn more about this fast growing market in light of a just transition.

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