Carbon credit use is reshaping timberland investments

    Manulife Investment Management
    Thomas G. Sarno, Global Head of Timberland Investments
    Eric Cooperström, Managing Director, Impact Investing and Natural Climate Solutions
    Mary Ellen Aronow, Director of Forest Economics, Timberland

    Carbon markets are entering a period of accelerated evolution, requiring the incorporation of carbon values.

    Key takeaways
    • The carbon marketplace has become more transparent—and further boosted by global commitments to net zero.

    • A wider appreciation of timberland’s ability to cost-effectively capture CO2 is translating into the broader incorporation of carbon values into valuation and investment strategies.
    • Carbon policies now place a higher premium on carbon credit projects that physically remove GHG rather than on those that focus on the avoidance or displacement of fossil fuels.

    • Carbon-oriented investment objectives are expected to increasingly compete against those focused on commercial timber production.

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