The nature-positive ecosystem

    Brandon Lewis Associate Director, Sustainability, Timberland and Agriculture, Manulife Investment Management
    David Photiadis, Senior Director, Delphi Group

    A practical guide to mapping the major initiatives and their intended use

    The nature-positive concept—enhancing the resilience of our planet to halt and reverse nature loss—is rapidly expanding among a growing number of organizations and initiatives that are beginning to shape their global business agendas around it. Yet it remains a nascent concept for most businesses, and companies looking to commit to the nature-positive agenda can find it challenging to approach the multiple tools available to support action.

    Our Nature-Positive Ecosystem aims to improve the structure, standardization, and coherence of the initiatives available to help businesses from every sector best direct their response toward nature-positive. The ecosystem map is born out of a business need to understand the landscape of nature-related initiatives. Its development was made possible by working in partnership with the Delphi Group to develop the map and apply it to our own business.

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