Storebrand Fonder’s New CEO Committed to Sustainability

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    Stockholm (NordSIP) – At the beginning of the year, Länsförsäkringar Fondförvaltning revealed that they had recruited Åsa Wallenberg, Storebrand Fonder’s Chief Executive Officer, as their new CEO. Ever since it became known that Wallenberg would be moving on this summer, Storebrand has been on the lookout for a worthy replacement. On 23 May, the company announced that they had found one amongst their own ranks, Mia Nyberg.

    Currently serving as Storebrand Fonder’s COO, Nyberg joined the company a couple of years ago. Since then, she has proved her leadership qualities while working with business development and change management both in the line and in a consulting role. Apart from being the fund company’s COO, she is also Storebrand Asset Management’s Head of Institutional Client Communication and Events, and a member of the Board of Directors of Storebrand Alternative Investments S.A. Nyberg boasts a long and successful career in the financial industry, having gained valuable experience from different roles and organisations, including FCG, Nordea, and Skandia.

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    “Mia was an obvious candidate for us,” comments Jan Erik Saugestad, CEO of Storebrand Asset Management (in Swedish). “Her background in finance and experience in business development and change management are important qualities to lead the business further in Sweden, but also in the countries where we distribute the funds,” he adds.

    As for Nyberg herself, she seems excited and proud to embark on her new venture, leading the fund division of the fifth largest asset manager in the Nordic region. “Storebrand Fonder has had a fantastic development in recent years, so it will be extremely motivating to continue to lead the business forward together with the team,” she says. “Being part of a group that has both visions and ambitions has enabled us to launch our funds in several markets, which is something we have focused on in recent years. We are now seeing the fruits of this and are working to ensure that we have robust processes that can handle further scaling.”

    Nyberg, who will assume the role of CEO of Storebrand Fonder on 1 June 2023, conveys a clear vision of her future priorities. “We have one sole objective that stands firm – to invest in a sustainable manner to ensure the best long-term risk-adjusted return for our clients. Storebrand has been pioneering the field of sustainable investments for many years, and my aim is to continue this great work with the team,” she says reassuringly for NordSIP’s readers. “Our Plus concept of index-aware funds is very sought after outside of Sweden, so providing our fund range to a broader audience is also a continued focus for me,” she adds.

    “We see that sustainability issues are being challenged, especially from a geopolitical perspective,” reflects the newly appointed CEO. “In these times, sustainability may be more important than ever, and we must not lose focus. It will require powerful political decisions, but the collective of investors also has a crucial role in collaboration with others. Climate and biodiversity are two central issues. Progress is definitely too slow, so we simply have to continue advocating for the importance and also for the fact that sustainable investments create favourable conditions for positive value development. The importance of saving will not decrease, and awareness of what one is investing in will increase. The future for funds that invest smart looks bright,” concludes Nyberg.

    Image courtesy of Storebrand, Foto Fredrik Hjerling
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