New Specialist Joins CB Fonder

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    Stockholm (NordSIP) – At the end of last week, CB Fonder – manager of one of Sweden’s equity funds classified as Article 9 (Dark Green) under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) – announced it was hiring Pär Ståhl as assistant portfolio manager.

    Ståhl brings relevant ESG analysis and integration experience from his prior professional responsibilities. At CB Fonder, he will be responsible for collaborating in the formulation and execution of strategies and researching potential investment opportunities. Although he will not formally take part in the investment decisions, Ståhl will also participate in specific security discussions and selection. He will contribute to the monitoring and management of portfolio risk, involving the assessment of risk-return trade-offs and ensuring that the portfolio remains aligned with the funds’ risk tolerance and investment objectives. Lastly, Ståhl will also participate in communication with clients and stakeholders to provide regular updates on portfolio performance, facilitate discussions regarding investment strategies, and promptly address any questions or concerns they may present.

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    “I am very pleased and grateful to join CB Fonder, which boasts one of the market’s most experienced and skilled portfolio management teams. CB Fonder has impressed me with their early focus on ethical and environmental investments and the team’s profound expertise in the field. I thank them for their trust and look forward to working with the portfolio management team to further develop the company and deliver high risk-adjusted returns to our investors,” Ståhl said, according to CB Fonder.

    Collaborative ESG Experience

    Ståhl joins CB Fonder from Placera, an Avanza-owned financial website, where he worked as fund editor. Prior to that, he worked as a financial consultant for SIX Group and founded Navitor Asset Management, where he engaged in portfolio management from 2007 to 2010. Ståhl holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Uppsala University and a Master of Science in Finance from Bayes Business School in London.

    “In my role as a fund analyst, I systematically integrated ESG and sustainable investment factors into the fund analysis process, acknowledging their substantial importance in the financial industry. For example, I conducted comprehensive analyses and closely monitored the two funds managed by CB Fonder and comparable funds over an extended timeframe, which has positioned me as highly knowledgeable in this sphere,” Ståhl tells NordSIP.

    “During my tenure overseeing Index Operations at SIX, I played a pivotal role in the creation of the Nordic region’s inaugural ethical stock index for Handelsbanken Asset Management in 2004. This collaborative effort, in partnership with GES, culminated in the establishment of one of the fund market’s pioneering ethical index funds. This endeavour underscored the growing importance of ethical and sustainable investing in the financial sector,” Ståhl continues.

    Spreading the Message

    “My goal at CB Fonder is to contribute to the growth and success of CB Fonder, both in terms of financial performance and our impact on the sustainable investment landscape. I am dedicated to spreading our message and expanding our reach to new target groups,” Ståhl adds.

    “While I don’t have specific projects that I’ll be spearheading at this moment, I look forward to collaborating with my colleagues to identify and seize opportunities in the dynamic world of finance,” Ståhl says.

    “I am committed to staying informed about market trends, regulatory changes, and emerging investment opportunities to ensure that CB Fonder remains at the forefront of the industry. Additionally, I aim to deepen my knowledge of ESG and sustainable investments, aligning with CB Fonder’s commitment to responsible investing,” Ståhl concludes.

    CB Fonder is a family- and partner-owned securities company with over 15 years in ethical an environmental investments, managing approximately €280 million through two funds, CB Save Earth Fund and CB European Quality Fund.

    “We are delighted to welcome Pär to our team! We have had the pleasure of getting to know him over an extended period in his role as fund specialist at Placera and we have come to appreciate Pär both as an individual and as an investor. He will be an asset to our portfolio management team as well as to the firm’s ongoing growth,” Alexander Jansson, CEO of CB Fonder, concludes.

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