Global Fund Search – ESG Leaders 2023

    Apart from being a badge of honour for sustainable asset managers, a recognised ESG leadership status has also become a statement these days. As critics of ESG investing are getting louder, it becomes increasingly important for those who subscribe to the concept to demonstrate that they are still on course. The polarisation of the issues also increases more than ever the need to maintain high standards and steer clear of greenwashing.

    To help ESG investors navigate this complex field, in 2022, NordSIP partnered with Global Fund Search to put together a handbook on ESG Leaders. In this second edition of the handbook, we have kept the concept intact in the name of continuity. As a reminder, it is institutional demand that is the ultimate criterion for selecting the ESG leaders featured in this publication. Only managers who have been successful in ESG-related searches are invited to participate. We have designed a standardised template to help readers gauge and compare the managers’ sustainability commitment and the extent to which it is fulfilled.

    There is no one-size-fits-all solution to the sustainable needs of investors; hence, the handbook offers a broad palette of alternatives. The managers selected differ in how they choose to integrate ESG into their processes, the way they conduct stewardship and the sustainable strategies they offer. What is common for all of them, however, is their desire to excel. Allowing ESG leaders to showcase this excellence in a comparable and systematic way should, hopefully, help you to make better-informed decisions.

    You can download the publication here or flip below