Forever Sustainable Gains Another Investment Expert

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    Stockholm (NordSIP) – In the last couple of years, combined consultancy, think-tank, and professional network Forever Sustainable has attracted several talented professionals, such as Karin Reuterskiöld and Erik Feldt. This November, yet another senior sustainable investment specialist, Kim Hansson, decided to join them. To find out what compelled her to become part of Forever’s growing team, we reached out to Hansson, a former colleague and contributor to NordSIP.

    A promising mix of academics and practitioners

    Hansson’s enthusiasm is palpable. “I don’t think I have ever felt so much energy, knowledge, and positive mindsets in one place before,” she shares. “Forever is a fantastic mix of backgrounds and competencies. People contribute with different perspectives to find solutions on the road to sustainable business. There is so much potential in this blend of academics with an understanding of business and professionals with a background from many sectors, including industry, finance, and energy, with an interest in academic research,” she adds.

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    Hansson feels she will fit right in with this exciting mix of experts. “I think I can contribute with my deep knowledge of finances from a corporate perspective as well as from an asset management angle and truly understanding the minds of investors, combined with extensive insights into the world of sustainable finance,” she says with conviction.

    The path to Forever

    Hansson’s confidence is understandable, given her rich professional background. “I started out by deep-diving into numbers at Price Waterhouse but soon moved on to more forward-looking financial analysis,” she recalls. “After a few years on the sell-side, I joined Nordbanken Fonder in the early 1990-ties. There, I was fortunate to be part of developing the investment team from one with a Nordic focus and heavy equity tilt to a truly global organisation with a wide diversity of products integrating ideas and investment opportunities. This was a very exciting as well as demanding period of my career,” she adds.

    After many years of working in investment management, Hansson took on the responsibility for Nordea’s strategic investment advice, first in Sweden and then for the Nordic region, supporting retail banking with tools and portfolios for advisors and private banking with tactical allocation and investment advice. “The giant new Nordic bank held the promise of great career paths, but my professional life at the time was becoming more one of conformity and compliance and less of heart and engagement,” reflects Hansson about this period of her professional life, which resulted in her decision to leave the big-bank world. “Since then, although I have continued to build on my asset management experience, my focus has increasingly shifted towards integrating E, S and G into investing. Meanwhile, I have made sure to dedicate time and effort to increasing my theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience of different aspects of sustainable investing.”

    Unleashing the potential

    Given this increased focus on sustainable investing, Hansson’s decision to join Forever seems like a logical next step. “The overriding purpose of Forever is to promote sustainability. It is in the core of all activities,” reminds Hanson. “I have joined the Sustainable Finance group, which consists of people with different kinds of banking backgrounds, but also with an academic or corporate background, and I very much look forward to being part of developing our offering to the financial as well as the corporate world when it comes to dealing with the challenges of regulation and integrating into strategy the potential and opportunities that can be defined.”

    Forever’s newest recruit is clear about what it is she wants to achieve in her new role. “Today, there is too much focus on the musts and all the practical hurdles with living up to demands of regulation,” says Hansson. “My mission will be to change this mindset and focus on the strengths and all the potential that can be unleashed by using the analysis made in connection with complying with regulation to develop an organisation’s strategic offering.”

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