Nature & Nordic Recognition at COP28

    “It was so heartening to hear that all our efforts and hard work in the Nordics are recognized in the global arena as leading,” says Oshni Arachchi, Head of Active Ownership, Danske Bank Asset Management. “To receive this feedback from various international peers and stakeholders affirmed the work that we are doing. I left feeling energized about our approach, and with ideas for how to continue to develop further on our path. But I also recognised that if we are to achieve our global goal in time then we need accelerated action across all markets.
    I’m pleased to see a strong focus on nature at COP28,” added Mads Steinmüller, Head of Climate and Nature at Danske Bank Asset Management. With objectives like halting and reversing deforestation by 2030 and initiatives on ocean conservation, aligning renewable energy with nature support, and funding for forest conservation, it’s clear nature is a pivotal tool in our climate action arsenal. At the COP we have engaged with various companies within energy, food, and finance who are not only investing in climate and nature-based solutions but are also eager to amplify their efforts. Currently, a mere 17% of investments in nature come from private investors, a figure that urgently needs to increase if we are to solve the challenge of biodiversity loss. The asset management industry can play a crucial role in this transition by enabling our clients to invest in nature.


    Image courtesy of Danske Bank Asset Management

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