Raise the Green Lantern

This week my Chinese friends, alongside two billion people around the world, say farewell to the strange and difficult year of the Rat and...

Swedish Centenarians Bite the Dust

What is the first image that pops up into your head at the mention of the word ‘deforestation’? I, for one, am immediately transported to the lush tropical forests of the Amazon basin. Rightfully so, as, according to a recent report by the Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Project (MAAP), the Amazon lost more than two million hectares of primary forest in 2020 alone. Nigeria, the Philippines and many other countries are, sadly, not far behind.

Who let the Cat out?

The internet is awash with cat pictures. Cute, funny, angry, or cunning, they have established themselves as the internet’s unofficial mascot. And, according to...