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    AP7 (Sjunde AP-Fonden) is one of the reserve funds of the Swedish National Pension System. The Company manages investments in global equities, equity-related instruments, and alternatives across various industries. Sjunde AP-Fonden serves customers in Sweden.

    More than four million Swedes have their premium pension placed with the AP7 Såfa fund portfolio. The goal of AP7 is to responsibly manage these funds and provide a return that is at least as good as the average of the private investment funds in the system.

    AP7 takes an active ownership approach to influence companies in ownership and sustainability matters, including blacklisting companies that are involved in violations of international norms and conventions. Sustainability is an integral part of AP7’s investment strategy which is expressed in investments in climate solutions:

    • A proportion of the diversification portfolio focuses on companies offering solutions to water problems and climate and environmental problems.
    • In Private Equity, a proportion is focused on the environmental technology sector, so-called clean tech.

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