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    Manulife Investment Management is the asset management arm of Manulife Financial Corporation. Manulife Investment Management draws on more than a century of financial stewardship and the full resources of our parent company to serve institutional investors worldwide.

    Our leading capabilities in public and private markets are strengthened by an investment footprint that spans 19 geographies. Manulife Investment Management complement these capabilities in multi-asset portfolios by providing access to a network of unaffiliated asset managers from around the world—a specialist approach that leverages the diverse expertise of a robust investment organisation in a culture of cross-asset class collaboration.

    Manulife Investment Management is committed to investing responsibly and seeks to be a global leader of sustainable asset management, creating long-term value for stakeholders while helping realise a sustainable trajectory for the global economy. Manulife Investment Management develops innovative global frameworks for sustainable investing, collaboratively engage with companies in securities portfolios, and maintains a high standard of stewardship where it owns and operate assets.


    Inception of sustainability strategy 1 December 2015*
    Total AUM (USD) 485,606.03 million**
    AUM SRI Strategies (USD) 348.34 million***
    Responsible Investment team 27****
    Investment team 644

    *PRI signatory date
    **MFC Statistical Information Package as of March 31, 2022. AUM is in USD. AUM includes assets managed by the institutional asset management arm of Manulife Investment Management on behalf of external clients, the Manulife General Account and other affiliated businesses. The methodologies used to compile the total AUM are subject to change and may not reflect regulatory AUM as reported on certain affiliates Form ADV.
    ***As of March 31, 2022
    ****Represents 25 Global sustainability professionals and 2 operational proxy specialists. The team is a shared resource across all investment teams and support investment teams in their analysis, engagement and stewardship activities. Data as of March 31, 2022.


    Firm-wide ESG Integration since 2015
    Impact Investing since 2020
    PRI since 2015
    UN Global Compact since 2018
    IIGCC -- --
    Climate Action 100+ since 2018
    CDP since 2018
    SASB since 2019
    TCFD since 2020
    FAIRR -- --
    Nordif SIF -- --

    *Since adopting the ESG Policy in November 2015, Manulife Investment Management has implemented many initiatives to support the integration of ESG considerations into investments and operations.

    For a full list of memberships and collaborative initiatives, please refer to the Appendix of Manulife Investment Management's SRI report here.


    SRI strat.* Firm-wide**
    International Norm Violations
    Fossil fuel (all)
    Thermal Coal
    Anti-personnel mines & cluster munitions
    Weapons of mass destruction
    Weapons (all)

    *Manulife Investment Management has provided answers in relation to the strategies in scope of this response. Note that not all exclusions apply to all RI strategies - please refer to the product tabs for further information of exclusions/constraints at the individual Strategy level.

    **Manulife Investment Management has implemented investment exclusions for manufacturers of cluster munitions. We are committed to helping implement client-specific requirements relating to ESG factors and will observe specific investment exclusions if requested by the client in the context of a separate account. Manulife Investment Management is able to manage separate accounts with specific values-based or compliance-driven screening criteria.

    Where the client includes socially responsible investing considerations in their investment guidelines or mandate, Manulife Investment Management will evaluate their impact on a strategy and determine if we are able to offer a version of the strategy customized to those guidelines.


    Sustainable Private Assets – Round Table Insights

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    Commitment Statement

    We think about ESG materiality for our portfolio across both time horizons. In the short term, our considerations center on ESG-driven shocks which could materialise as unexpected liabilities, or impacts on cash flow, revenues, or the income statement. Over the long term, we consider a company’s business model resilience and adaptation to longer term shifts driven by ESG factors – for example, natural resource depletion, climate change, shifting customer practices, labor force shifts, and tech innovation. The extent to which these factors are assessed as material depends on the severity/depth of issue, a company’s position in relation to this issue and relative to peers, and the time horizon for the investment strategy.

    Initiative Leadership

    For a full list of memberships and collaborative initiatives, please refer to the Appendix of Manulife Investment Management's SRI report which can be found here.

    Thought Leadership

    We regularly publish thought leadership from our investment teams and sustainability experts covering a range of sustainable investing topics. You can access our latest thought leadership articles here.

    SRI Awards & Recognitions

    For the latest information please refer to our website for further information:


    SRI/ESG Integration

    We combine active investment management with a deep understanding and integrated analysis of sustainability issues. Our integration practices grow from the unique philosophies and approaches of our investment teams across asset classes. Each team’s approach is informed by the global and regional perspectives of our global sustainability professionals. This support extends across the investment, product, and asset class lifecycles and includes:

  • Analysis of sustainability risks and opportunities
  • Development of tools to aid sustainable investing
  • Engagement with management teams
  • Training and education
  • Guidance on exercising rights associated with an asset class

  • Follow Up & Measurements

    To instill a sense of responsibility among our public markets investment teams, Manulife Investment Management has developed a proprietary, internal system to assess and monitor the level of each team’s ESG integration efforts. At year-end 2021, over 90% of our AUM in public equity and public fixed-income strategies was fully integrating ESG factors under our proprietary assessment framework. We understand that sustainable investing requires ongoing change and improvement, and we look forward to implementing a number of additional assessment criteria to evaluate and measure our investment teams’ progress. Within private markets, ESG is 100% integrated across all our investment strategies.


    Committees & Teams

    Detailed information can be found within our Stewardship Report.


    Please refer to the Governance section of our Stewardship Report


    Engagement Team

    Detailed information can be found within our Stewardship Report

    Engagement Cases

    Details of engagement and collaborative initiatives (case studies) can be found in this link.

    Proxy Voting

    A copy of our voting policy and records can be found here.


    General SRI Product & Strategies Offering and Capabilities

    Manulife Investment Management currently offers pooled funds for the Sustainable Asia Bond strategy, Sustainable Asia Equity strategy and Global Climate Action strategy to qualifying investors and continues to develop its roadmap for additional ESG strategy development. We are committed to offering a full suite of investment funds that serve the evolving needs of institutional clients. We closely follow market developments in the growth of different categories of sustainable and responsible investment and key global regulatory developments that influence this area (e.g. European Commission legislative proposals).

    Article 8 Products

    The representative pooled funds for the Sustainable Asia Bond and Sustainable Asia Equity strategies* are classified as Article 8 under SFDR regulations.

    *subject to registration

    Article 9 Products

    The representative pooled fund for the Global Climate strategy is classified as Article 9 under the SFDR regulations.

    *subject to registration.

    Thematic Strategies

    Manulife Investment Management manages separate accounts across both public and private markets with specific values-based or compliance-driven screening criteria and work with our clients to implement their ESG requirements.


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