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Inception of sustainability strategy2003
Total AUM (USD)3 billion
AUM Responsible Strategies (USD)3 billion
% screened>90
% ESG integration>90
% engagement>90
% proxy voting>90
Responsible Investment team240 employees

Ticking Boxes

Firm-wide ESG integrationESG criteria are fully incorporated into all investment decisions.
Impact investing
PRI Signatorysigned on 15 October 2008
UN Global Compact
CDP Signatory
UNEPFI Signatory
IIGCC Signatory
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All RI StrategiesFirmwide
International norm violations
Fossil fuel (all)
Thermal coal
Anti-personnel landmines & Cluster munitions
Weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, biological & chemical)
Weapons (all)


responsAbility Investments AG is an asset manager in the field of development investments and offers professionally-managed investment solutions to private, institutional and public investors. The company’s investment solutions supply debt and equity financing predominantly to non-listed firms in emerging and developing economies. Through their inclusive business models, these firms help to meet the basic needs of broad sections of the population and to drive economic development.

responsAbility was founded in 2003 and has US$ 3 billion of AUM, of which 85% is private debt, with the remaining being allocated to private equity. Since its inception the asset manager has invested US$ 9 billion in 90 countries. The company has 240 employees worldwide and manages a portfolio of 540 high impact companies generating revienues of US$ 17.6 billion. The company is headquartered in Zurich and has local offices in Bangkok, Geneva, Hong Kong, Lima, Luxembourg, Mumbai, Nairobi, Oslo and Paris. Its shareholders include a number of reputable institutions in the Swiss financial market as well as its own employees.


Development Investments: Scalable business models with high growth potential

Development Investments focus on businesses in developing countries, creating highly scalable business models that leverage the size of the population to deliver strong growth potential. The commercial success of these businesses benefits both the firms themselves and their investors in the form of financial returns.

An Inclusive Business Engages in the Six Themes
Inclusive businesses not only seek to generate profits but also to contribute to measurable positive environmental and social outcomes within the six impact themes.

responsAbility’s six impact themes (markets and infrastructure, basic needs, wellbeing, decent work, healthy ecosystem and resource security and climate stability), combined with our focus topics, encompass all of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and are inherent in every responsAbility managed investment.

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Best Fund Over 5 Years (Absolute Return USD Low) (2019) (Lipper Fund Award from Refinitiv)

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