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    Inception of sustainability strategy2003
    Total AUM (USD)EUR4.9 billion / USD5.5 billion (per 30/06/2020)
    AUM Responsible Strategies (USD)EUR4.9 billion / USD5.5 billion (per 30/06/2020)
    % screened100%
    % ESG integration100%
    % engagement100%
    % proxy voting100%
    Responsible Investment team71

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    Firm-wide ESG integrationExpanding ESG integration in all investment teams
    Impact investingNumber of strategies: 16
    Triodos IM is a 100% impact investor
    PRI Signatorysince 2009
    UN Global Compact
    CDP Signatory
    UNEPFI Signatorysince 1997
    IIGCC Signatory
    SWESIFTriodos IM is a member of EUROSIF
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    Triodos IM is a 100% impact investment house. Our philosophy is that how you invest defines the world you want to live in. We believe that all investments have impact and that investors should be conscious and intentional about the positive or negative impacts they enable through their capital allocations. For more than 30 years, we have offered impact investment solutions that connect investors who want to make money work for positive change with innovative entrepreneurs and sustainable businesses doing just that.

    As impact investors, we believe that the most successful companies, over the long term, will be those that progress long-term, sustainable solutions to today’s pressing environmental, economic, and social challenges. Investing in-line with this principle, our Impact Equities and Bonds strategies go beyond traditional ESG approaches to apply the core characteristics of impact investing to public markets, generating positive impact by investing in listed companies that support sustainable solutions and by being active stewards of the planet and society.

    We are convinced that we need to find new ways of thinking about economic growth. If there are lessons to be learned from the current covid-19 crisis, the one that stands out is that inequality within our society is growing instead of declining. Which is why we are calling for a reset of the economy. We believe that impact investing is the key to creating a more sustainable, less vulnerable economy.


    Commitment to Sustainability

    w and where we invest our money defines the world we want to live in. At Triodos Investment Management (Triodos IM), we invest to generate social and environmental impact alongside a healthy financial return. We see impact investing as a driving force in the transition to a more inclusive and sustainable world, thereby recognising the instrumental role and creative power of money when used consciously.

    Our vision and mission
    Triodos IM is a globally active impact investor. We manage direct investments ranging from renewable energy infrastructure and organic food companies to microfinance institutions, as well as listed securities of companies and bond issuers that contribute to the transition to a more sustainable economy. We currently manage 16 impact investment funds, offering investors a range of opportunities to invest for positive change across asset classes and risk-return profiles.

    30+ year track record in investing for impact

    Triodos IM is part of Triodos Bank, one of the largest and most active sustainable banks in the world. We launched our first investment fund (and first Green investment fund in Europe ever) in 1990, which was one of the first dedicated funds for wind energy projects in The Netherlands.

    750+ direct investments across the globe

    The firm has experienced steady year-on-year growth, based on long-term relationships with our investors, investees and industry partners with whom we have a shared vision for a sustainable future.

    100% impact, across all asset classes

    Impact investing is all we do. Triodos IM does not have a responsible investment, ESG, or sustainability team, as our impact philosophy is embedded across everything we do. Each and every investment officer, analyst, fund manager, and, even accountants, have impact as a key part of their remit.

    Engagement Resources
    We act as stewards of people and planet and believe that this responsibility begins with conscious, targeted, investment decisions. We choose to invest only in companies whose business models contribute to the transition towards a sustainable society.

    Another part of our responsibility is to engage with companies to drive positive change. This is cornerstone of our impact strategy. Through active dialogue with companies, we aim to maximise their positive impact and to improve their overall business results from an integrated financial and sustainability perspective. We engage frequently on environmental and social topics that are relevant to each company’s individual business models, as well as on general corporate governance issues.

    Direct engagement

    We engage in direct conversations with companies to discuss relevant business topics and to use our influence to drive sustainable change. We use a variety of methods to connect with companies, including on-site visits, conference calls, letters, and emails. Our key engagement topics are human rights, animal testing, conflict minerals, GMO, and deforestation.

    Collaborative engagement

    We jointly engage with companies together with other institutional investors. This method increases visibility of the topics being discussed and expands the overall power of our engagement activity. Partnerships with other shareholder groups help to maximise the effectiveness of our collective actions. We participate in the European Social Investment Forum (Eurosif) and four of its national member organisations, the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN), Eumedion, and Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). Several of these organisations engage in an active dialogue with listed companies about corporate sustainability or bring institutional investors together for joint dialogue with companies.

    Triodos’ public voice

    Part of our responsibility as an impact investor is to publicly state our opinions and to take a stand on important sustainability topics. We actively participate in key discussions around sustainable finance, environmental policy, and other related topics in the public domain.

    ESG team
    Portfolio Management

    The Triodos Impact Equities and Bonds portfolio management team consists of seven portfolio managers. The end responsibility of the team lies with William de Vries, Director Impact Equities and Bonds.

    Investment Analysts

    We have a team of ten in-house Investment Analysts, headed by Henk Jonker, who keep the Triodos Minimum Standards up-to date and assess companies on financial and sustainability criteria. The Investment Analysts are organised amongst our seven sustainable transition themes. This enables them to work as true specialists in their fields and to constantly keep an ear to the ground for important developments.

    Investment Strategists

    The investment Strategists team that is headed by Hans Stegeman consists of seven people.

    Offerings across SRI Spectrum
    Overview of listed Triodos Impact Equities and Bond funds:

    • Triodos Pioneer Impact Fund
    • Triodos Global Equities Impact Fund
    • Triodos Euro Bond Impact Fund
    • Triodos Impact Mixed Fund – Defensive
    • Triodos Impact Mixed Fund – Neutral
    • Triodos Impact Mixed Fund – Offensive
    • Triodos Sterling Bond Impact Fund

    In addition, Triodos IM manages a range of unlisted impact strategies on the themes of Energy and Climate, Financial Inclusion and Sustainable Food and Agriculture.

    Proxy Voting
     Triodos IM Proxy Voting Guidelines are underpinned by our mission to contribute to a society that respects people, the environment and culture. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to voting. Resolutions must always be considered within context in which a company operates, notably local standards or best practice.

    • In 2019, we voted on 1247 agenda, against management in 28% of the votes.
    • All of our voting and engagement records are publicly available here.
    • We are always critical of large board remuneration packages, board independence, tax transparency and gender equality.

    Our in-house investment analyst team is responsible for research and our active ownership activities in cooperation with the fund managers. We obtain voting advice from Pensions & Investments Research Consultants (PIRC) services, but always apply our own voting guidelines and opinions to this advice. It is our policy to review each recommendation before voting. We also always pro-actively inform companies of our voting decisions to stimulate awareness of our stance on their agenda items.

    SRI Awards and Recognitions
     ​​​​​​​The Triodos Impact Equities and Bonds range earned high scores across major European sustainable investment labels, including the German-based FNG-Siegel, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the UK-based 3D Investing, and the Belgian Towards Sustainability label. We are proud of these third-party confirmations of our sustainable investment approach, and actively participate in the development of these and other new sustainability labeling systems for investment products.
    Triodos IM is also the proud winner of the Environmental Finance award ‘Best sustainability reporting by an asset or fund manager: medium and small (not fixed income)’ for its 2019 and 2018 impact reports.

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