Thematic Strategies – Round Table Insights

Most professional investors are used to looking at their global equity portfolios through a couple of convenient prisms. Sectors and regions have long been...

Decarbonising Fixed Income Portfolios – The Heart of the Matter

Based on Research by Zarina Nasib, Senior Product Manager, Sustainable Investment & Alan Meng, Sustainable Fixed Income Research Lead, FTSE Russell

Investing in Engagement, Income and Avoiding Defaults

An interview with Christopher Kocinski, CFA, Co-Head of US High Yield & Senior Portfolio Manager, Neuberger Berman

ESG Factors Under the Spotlight

by Lior Jassur, DBA, Director Fixed Income Research – Europe Peter A. Goves, Fixed Income Research Analyst Annalisa Piazza, Fixed Income Research Analyst & Carl Ang, Fixed Income Research Analyst

Sustainable Fixed Income ETF in Times of Crisis

An interview with Florian Cisana, Head UBS ETFs & Index Funds Strategic Markets Nordics, France & Israel at UBS AM

Emerging Markets – Round Table Insights

For many risk averse institutional asset owners, Emerging Markets (EM) investing can seem like a bit of a gamble at the best of times. ...

Listed Impact – Round Table Insights

Chicken or egg, what came first? In my experience, when you are hungry, the question is kind of irrelevant. You just want to know...

Applying Innovative Structures to: SME Lending in Africa

An interview with Isha Doshi, Co-founder, TLG Capital

Industry’s Tentative Defence of Carbon Offsets

Stockholm (NordSIP) – Last week the NordSIP Laundromat covered the simmering controversy over carbon offsetting, which seemed to boil over following the publication of articles in the UK’s Guardian newspaper and Germany’s Die Zeit.  The headlines focused on a particular set of data that appeared to indicate that more...

Green Bond News

ECB Proposes Climate Policy Paradigm Shift

Stockholm (NordSIP) – Inflation was one of the dominant themes of 2022 and looks set to remain on top of investors' agenda in 2022. However, tackling inflation while holding steadily onto the sustainable investment agenda is not always clear, particularly given the hurdles inherent to pursuing the climate transition...

NordSIP Insights - Video

Net Zero Transition: A Historic Investment Opportunity

Sustainable investing tended to be associated with negatives like avoiding negative externalities by excluding certain stocks and sectors. However, this picture has changed and now focuses more on the positives. We are looking at the why and how of transition investing and asset owners that have committed to net...

Sustainable Fund Launches

Newsletter: The Week in Green

Renew Your Sustainability Mojo

Finally, the year has started. The Nordic season's first event, Skagen's New Year investment conference took place and we were there, to provide you with...

Happy Continuation!

Welcome to a new year! The start seems slow, but isn't that a rather good thing? It allows us to pause, reflect and plan....

The Long & Short of 2022

With most of the world still unaware of the geopolitical drama that would soon unfold, January started on a backdrop of controversy, with the European...


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