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Sustainable Investing in Emerging Markets – Round Table Insights

As we enter 2024, the investment landscape in emerging markets defies the notion of “business as usual”. The enduring effects of the COVID-19 pandemic,...

Investing in Natural Capital – Round Table Insights

The post-2015 Paris Agreement era has seen the investment community earnestly grapple with climate risk and opportunities. This shift has significantly influenced how asset...

An Evolving EM Strategy for a Changing World

an interview with Fiona Manning, Premier Miton

Going Sustainable with Green Bonds

by Philippe Kybourg ETF & Index Fund Investment Analytics

The Impact Benefits of Scaling SMEs in Africa

an interview with Zain Latif and Isaac Marshall, TLG Capital

Cardano and CFM: An Impactful Collaboration

an interview with Sebastiaan Masselink and Georges Beukering, Cardano

Integrating ESG into Factor Index Solutions

by Marcin Wojtowicz, PhD ETF & Index Fund Investment Analytics UBS Asset Management

Investor Call for Petrochemical Reform

Stockholm (NordSIP) – Institutional investors are being called upon to support a joint statement on plastics aimed at 50 large petrochemical companies.  The investor letter will be published on 24 June 2024 by environmental NGO Planet Tracker.  The fifth session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee to develop an international...

Green Bond News

Elopak Issues its Inaugural Green Carton Bonds

Stockholm (NordSIP) - Following the publication of its Green Bond Framework, Elopak, a Norwegian manufacturer of carton packaging for liquids, issued its first green bonds in May 2024. The bonds raised NOK2.5 billion in three tranches. Elopak operates in 40 countries, employs 2,700 people, runs 11 manufacturing units, and...

NordSIP Insights - Video

Maximising Impact of Article 9 Funds

In recent years, the EU has launched some truly innovative and ambitious regulatory initiatives, from the EU Taxonomy, to the SFDR and MiFID II, all seeking to channel capital flows toward sustainable investments. As with all pioneering projects, however, it takes time and expertise to translate the interlinked regulatory...

Sustainable Fund Launches

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