NordSIP Insights – Systematically Sustainable

Welcome to our first issue of NordSIP insights. It is only the first of many, as our aim is to provide the asset management industry with a forum to share information, expertise and research, in other words unique insights to push the boundaries of sustainable investing.

In this edition on systematic strategies, we aim, together with our partners, to paint a detailed picture of where the industry stands, what challenges remain and what concrete steps can be taken to integrate ESG in quantitative strategies.

Discover our insights and more…

1. the ‘G’ factor evidence

2. compensating for imperfect data

3. engagement has its place in the quant toolbox

4. between philanthropy and ESG: different shades of impact

5. SDGs: a transition from risk avoidance to opportunity

6. the institutional investor’s perspective

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Nordsip Insights - Systematically Sustainable

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