IRRI Survey 2019 – The Nordic Cut

    IRRI stands for Independent Research in Responsible Investment Survey.
    It is the globally-authoritative annual Survey of leadership in SRI & corporate governance.
    Last year,  more than 1,100 industry professionals from 43 countries participated.

    This year, NordSIP is proud to partner with IRRI and in particular, to be able to deliver the Nordic Cut, a series of category results tailored to the Nordic market.

    In partnership with

    Don’t know who to vote for?

    Of course, we wouldn’t want to influence you in any way, but we wanted to show you that there are many individuals and firms, both asset owners and asset managers that have taken decisive steps in 2018 to change the industry and make it more sustainable. Have a look at our selection, and get some inspiration below! This doesn’t mean that you can’t vote for someone who isn’t Nordic, of course, but since we are promoting the Nordic cut, we provided you with a Nordic selection. You can find many more articles on the site that will highlight what others have done outside of the Nordics.

    Only individuals or firms that are registered on SRI connect will show in the Survey list. So remember that if you can’t find the name you are looking for, just add it. It doesn’t mean you will be the only one voting for this person!

    Why vote?

    Completing this survey benefits:

    … because survey completers receive a free copy of the results that relate to them and their firm (non-completers only headline rankings)

    All asset managers and asset owners: … because it presents research providers with a globally-comprehensive picture of what asset managers need; this, in turn, leads to more focused research and more tailored client service

    All companies: … because it enables them to influence the shape of the communications that they have with SRI & CG research providers; to commend good practice and to encourage changes to inefficient or other poor practices.

    All sell-side brokers: … because it allows them to showcase their own research product, to flag areas for partnership with independents and to reinforce messages to asset managers about their own business model and the commission allocation process

    All SRI & CG research providers: … because it allows them to showcase their capabilities, to reward clients and to shape how companies, clients and other counter-parties deal with them.

    The whole SRI & CG industry:
    … because a transparent flow of practitioner-led information up and down the value chain improves the focus and quality of research

    Any more incentives?

    As an extra incentive, everyone who participates in the Survey will receive a modest weighting of votes towards their position on the ranking of industry influence.

    AP7 Voted Best Nordic Asset Owner (IRRI Nordic Cut)

    Stockholm (NordSIP) - Nordic voters designated the Swedish state pension fund AP7 as the most sustainable Asset Owner in the 2019 edition of the...

    Who can vote?

    Anyone with a current professional exposure to the Sustainable & Responsible Investing & Corporate Governance value chain can vote!

    • Employees of asset managers
    • Asset owners
    • Investment consultants
    • Sell-side analysts
    • Independent research providers
    • The IR & CSR directors of quoted companies
    • Consultants
    • Industry experts

    How long does it take?

    The Survey takes about 10 minutes to complete.

    Who voted in 2017?

    Over 1,100 industry professionals from across the value chain.

    Organisations or individuals?

    Individuals should vote in a personal capacity. Each individual’s vote counts the same. The Survey does not accept ‘team votes’. Our aim is to understand the specific day-to-day needs and opinions of practitioners not the policy positions of organisations.
    Isn’t it just a popularity contest?

    The results from previous years show that the successful firms and analysts are those that combine:

    • high-quality research, investment practice and service delivery throughout the year with
    • good client relationships … that enable them to pick up the phone and encourage a client to vote.

    Being popular isn’t enough on its own; being clever isn’t enough … but people and firms that can combine the two …

    When will the results be announced?

    The results of IRRI 2019 will be announced on 3 June via various industry events and social media channels.

    The Nordic Cut will be announced by NordSIP.

    Are responses confidential?

    We disclose the fact that you have voted … (to show that you have contributed to the development of standards within the industry).
    We will never disclose (…to anyone … ever) how you have voted.

    What’s new this year?

    As in previous years, IRRI remains a 360° review of industry leadership and focuses on the economics and dynamics of sustainable investment and corporate governance. A few crucial amendments in this year’s edition are designed to sharpen the survey’s focus further.

    The 2019 Survey is shorter

    The 2019 Survey is 11% shorter than in 2017 and should take an average of 10 minutes to complete. We are very conscious of the pressure on the time of industry professionals and keen to minimise our demand on it.

    Interface with the Extel Survey

    To reflect the movement of SRI & corporate governance towards mainstream investment, the IRRI Survey runs concurrently with the main Extel Survey of European Equity investment. This allows to combine answers to relevant questions across the two surveys (thereby deepening the response dataset to both). It also sets the IRRI results within better market context (e.g. the ability to weight response by AuM as well as deliver them in absolute numbers)

    New categories for research providers

    We have extended the opportunity to recognise research leadership in climate change research and have introduced new specialist categories for:

    • The best credit ratings agency for integrating sustainability or corporate governance factors into their research and ratings?
    • The best specialist provider of single-subject-focused sustainability research (excl. climate change)?

    Retained focus on leadership | Increased depth on economics and impact

    After the success the IRRI survey delivered last year in getting beyond the ‘usual suspects of the sustainable investment conference circuit’ and recognising some of the people who really make our value chain tick, we have retained the question on: Which individual made the most positive overall contribution to sustainable investment or corporate governance during 2018?

    The survey also increases the depth to the questions asked about the needs of and resources applied by asset owners and asset managers. It also contains more direct questions to providers about whether asset managers are doing what they say they are.

    Finally, a new ranking for the best provider of impact measurement services is available, in recognition of the growing significance of this service category in the market.