Alternatives & ETFs

    We partnered with HedgeNordic to bring you a wide range of alternative investments in the context of ESG. In Denmark, pension fund P+ announced a new responsible investments approach. Fredrik Nilsson jumps ship from BlackRock's iShares in Copenhagen to strengthen Invesco's ETF franchise in Stockholm.

    ESG in Alternatives

    A brand new special report is out on both NordSIP and HedgeNordic this week! It takes you through a wide range of alternative investments...

    Joining the Party

    Amazon founder Jeff Bezos made the headlines this week as he caved to the pressure and set aside a fraction of his fortune to save the world. Meanwhile, in Sweden, state pension AP1 finally succeeded in finding a successor to its now-infamous CEO, who had to leave for a failure to disclose personal trades. Kristin Magnusson Bernard is due to join the party soon, but not yet (no later than September 1st).

    Hedge Fund Investors Driving ESG Uptake

    Stockholm (NordSIP) - One of the main attractions of hedge funds to institutional investors has been their ability to deliver uncorrelated absolute returns. A recent report indicates...

    Hedge Funds Increasingly Adopting RI: Report

    Stockholm (NordSIP) - From niche to mainstream: Responsible Investment and hedge funds, a new report from the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) and the...

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