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    NordSIP’s Added Fire Power

    Stockholm (NordSIP) - As NordSIP turned five in February this year, Big Green Tree Media is proud to announce the onboarding of a fifth...

    CFA Society Sweden to Market Certificate in ESG Investing

    Stockholm (NordSIP) - As interest in sustainable investments continues to grow, educational efforts to bring finance professionals up to speed are a crucial part...

    Join the Cool Club

    And just like that, in a few years only, sustainable investing has become cool. The signs are all there, in plain sight. There are...

    Sustainable Fixed Income

    In the news, the most eye-catching development this week was the report that the Global Environment Facility may be rife with fraud and corruption, according to a leaked UN Development Programme’s audit. Meanwhile, the Climate Action Tracker report commended governments for their 2050 carbon-neutral announcements.

    Green Bonds & Diversity

    We examine a review of ESG and responsible investing by global institutional investors published by the CFA Institute, AXA IM announced a policy of promoting gender diversity in the companies it owns by demanding that at least one-third of the Board of Directors be gender diverse from 2021

    ESG Q&A: Principles for Climate-Conscious Investment (Market Integrity Insight – CFA Institute) Climate change is an issue that will have an immense impact on our lives and the financial world in the coming years. Engagement between...

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