Make a Difference

    While uncertainties related to the pandemic remain, we found that there is much that asset managers and asset owners can do to contribute to remediating its effects. In this week's feature, we talked to Triodos IM's Hans Stegeman and Franklin Real Asset Advisors's Raymond Jacobs to examine the social effects of COVID-19. We also took a closer look at no less than three COVID-19 bonds: NIB's second issue, AfDB's issue which appealed to Skandia and Länsförsäkringar, two institutions which were reportedly also interested in the third bond, issued by the EIB.

    Help ESG AND Fight the Pandemic – All at Once

    Stockholm (NordSIP) - At the start of 2020, the European Commission selected Hindsight Consultancy, Institutional Investor Research, Minter Ellison, SRI-CONNECT and SustainAbility to conduct...

    IRRI Survey – Nordic Sneak Peek

    Stockholm (NordSIP) –SRI-Connect, the online research network for sustainable investment and corporate governance, published its Independent Research in Responsible Investment (IRRI) 2019 survey results...

    IRRI Survey, Nordics: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Stockholm (NordSIP) - The Independent Research in Responsible Investment (IRRI) 2017 survey results were announced earlier this week. The report, conducted by Research Editor...

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