Viggo Johansen

    Bored no More

    Pfizer came out with a COVID19-SDG bond and the Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) with a $1 billion Response bond. Aberdeen Standard Investments reports that ESG engagement in private equity firms is increasing, even if it is still lagging in North America. In the Nordics, we caught up with Viggo Johansen who just opened PineBridge's new Nordic office.

    ESG Not Optional for PineBridge’s Johansen

    Stockholm (NordSIP) - Last week, PineBridge Investments announced the opening of its Nordic office in Stockholm. We took the opportunity to catch up with...

    Natixis Survey Highlights Millennials’ Interest For ESG

    Stockholm (NordSIP) - Natixis Global Asset Management recently published the results of their 2017 ESG Report. Viggo Johansen, Country Head Nordic at Natixis Global...

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