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The 1.5-degree target isn’t as dead as everyone says

“Yesterday, it was reassuring to hear that the ambitious 1.5-degree target is not as dead as everyone has been saying. I do feel though that the conference is preaching for […]

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December 2, 2022

Punching our current version of capitalism in the teeth

“I really liked Jeremy Grantham’s idea that RI professionals are punching our current version of capitalism in the teeth. I do think its true and that’s why a lot of […]

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Backstage at the PRI in Person 2022

In my experience, the important parts of a conference don’t happen in the plenary sessions. They happen outside, in between sessions, during lunch or at the parties. Of course, sessions […]

Walking the Talk of Diversity

Barcelona (NordSIP) – As investor conferences go, there is something highly unusual about the annual PRI in Person gathering. I’m not talking about the format, the venue, or the varying […]


The interconnectedness of E, S & G

“It’s been great to connect with individuals once again, to finally meet folks in my network in person. One of my key takeaways is the shift in thinking about ESG […]

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Getting into the nitty gritty

“It is very clear to me that discussions about what constitutes responsible investing are become more concrete. We are getting into the nitty gritty and commitments are firming up,” said […]

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Progressing on active ownership

”For me, the highlight of this year’s PRI In Person has been the opportunity to catch up with existing contacts face to face and to make some valuable new acquaintances. […]

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Talking about how we can do things better together

“It is so good to finally meet peers in person, that’s what adds most value! I do think it’s important to talk about what works and what doesn’t and how […]

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One of the best places for investors to get real

“I work for Afa Försäkring. We are owned by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and and the labour unions, and I was fortunate to attend a side event arranged by […]

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Building trust to generate real world impact

”The best thing about meeting in person is that we get to strengthen our relationships. Over the past 3 years, I’ve met so many people from all over the world […]

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The big challenge lies in emerging markets

“The big challenge for responsible investment is how to contribute to the necessary climate transition in emerging markets. We need better data, more collaboration on engagement with different stakeholders, including […]

Recyclable – A Word to Hide All Manner of Evil

Stockholm (NordSIP) – The sight of water being distributed in cartons at the PRI in Person event in Barcelona set alarm bells ringing at NordSIP’s Laundromat HQ.  On closer inspection, […]

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December 1, 2022

Nice to Meet the PRI PE Advisory Committee for the First Time in 3 Years

“PRI in Person is an opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other across PRI’s broad, global base of signatories. Furthermore, the PRI Private Equity Advisory Committee had the […]

Celebrating Success at the PRI in Person

Barcelona (NordSIP) – One of UN PRI’s annual conference highlights is announcing the winners of this year’s PRI Awards. Attending the ceremony in Barcelona, NordSIP brings you the news directly from […]

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Facing Up To The Polycrisis

Stockholm (NordSIP) – Language needs to adapt to unprecedented situations, hence the rise in the number of neologisms over the last few years.  Hans Stegeman, Chief Investment Strategist at Triodos […]

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We need practical discussions that accelerate real world change

“There are several trillions under management represented here today. We need to find a more effectively way to use this convening of the worlds investors for dialogues between asset owners […]

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Let’s face it! It is already happening

“I hope that we are not making it too difficult for the next generation, that we are not stunting their sense of initiative and drive through the doom and gloom […]

S in ESG Matters as Real Wages Fall

Stockholm (NordSIP) – According to a new report by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the severe inflationary crisis combined with a global slowdown in economic growth are causing a striking […]

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The Different ESG Needs of Wealth and Asset Managers

Stockholm (NordSIP) – According to a recent report by SIX Group, asset managers and wealth managers have different ESG integration needs, with the first wanting better detailed background data while […]

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