Bring in the Mainstream Investor

    “As a veteran attendee of the GIIN Impact Forum, I am thrilled to see how much the audience has evolved. Participants come from a much broader pool of market participants. At the start, the impact investors’ world was quite niche and getting a hold of mainstream investors was what we were all hoping to achieve. I’m truly grateful that the GIIN has gotten there now,” says Maria Teresa Zappia,

    “One of the benefits of gathering a larger variety of institutional investors is that they bring a fresh perspective and help the impact ecosystem to continue to grow and stay relevant. Today, I went to a session where an ‘impact beginner’ was both learning and challenging the more seasoned impact experts in the room. We have been wondering how to increase the pool of capital directed at solving global issues. We can do this by allowing investors to define impact together, working to finding common solutions. I find this really encouraging.”

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